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Historical Tailoring Masterclasses

Get access to all of the courses listed below in addition to many others with a monthly subscription to Historical Tailoring Masterclasses. The beginner option is great for those newer to historical tailoring or just want to see how everything works. The full monthly option gives you access to all the coat making courses as well.

Historical Tailoring Masterclasses.

Current Course Offerings

1870s Selvedge Jeans - $150

Learn how to draft, fit and construct a pair of jeans based on an original pair from the 1870s.

The Art of the Buttonhole - $30

A buttonhole can make or break a coat. Learn how to sew beautiful buttonholes by hand using traditional period techniques that are still used by professional tailors to this day.

Buttonhole sewn by hand.

Pleated-Front Shirt - $97

Construct your own 1860s shirt featuring a fancy pleated front using historical tailoring techniques and practices.

Victorian 1860s pleated-front shirt.

Double-Breasted Waistcoat - $97

This class covers all aspects of constructing a men’s double-breasted waistcoat from the 1860s period, from drafting and fitting the waistcoat to fit your specific body type, to constructing the various parts of the waistcoat such as the pockets, canvas and padding, facings, lining, the collar buttonholes, and more.

Silk 1860s Victorian waistcoat.

Trouser Making - $97

This course covers all aspects of constructing a pair of 1860s period trousers, from drafting and fitting the trousers to your specific body type, to constructing the various parts such as the fly, linings, various pocket styles, waistband, buttonholes, and the back buckle.

Unlined Linen Paletot - $197

This is an online class designed to take you through the entire process of drafting, fitting, and constructing an unlined linen paletot from the late 1850s – early 1860s period.

Victorian 1860s unlined linen paletot.